C.H.i.P vs. Raspberry Pi 3


They are both low cost Linux single board computers($9 and $35, respectively). 

They both have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

So what's the difference? 

Here are some good and bad speculations about C.H.i.P and Raspberry Pi 3


+ $9

+-510 megabytes ram

+- On board storage  4 gigabytes 

+pico-8 gaming  

-1 usb

-composite video out only,HDMI adapter costs $15

Raspberry Pi 3: 

+HDMI and composite out  

+1gig ram

 +more powerful  

+4 usb


-no onboard storage 


CHiP with its lower cost and onboard storage,it is the best choice for someone looking for a cheap,good computer.



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Seattle Mini Makerfaire 2016 is Awesome